Create a Food Safety Manual Tool Disclaimer Language

FamilyFarmed offers the Create a Food Safety Manual tool (the “Tool”) to help you create a personalized, risk-assessment based, on-farm food safety plan in order to minimize the food safety risk of produce grown on your farm. FamilyFarmed provides the Tool for informational purposes only to help you assess and understand your farm’s high risk areas and implement procedures for minimizing those risks. By accessing and using the Tool, you are not automatically in compliance with recommended Good Agricultural Practices. FamilyFarmed cannot guarantee that if you implement an on-farm food safety plan, you will be in compliance with food safety guidelines, be eligible to be food safety certified, reduce your risk of failing a food safety audit or lower your liability in the event that you are involved in a food safety incident. Nothing on the Website, including the Tool, is a recommendation to adopt a specific on-farm food safety plan.

You are solely responsible for any decisions you make, actions taken or failure to act based on information obtained while, or as a result of, accessing the Tool and for any result of implementing an on-farm food safety plan. You acknowledge that any information obtained through the use of the Tool is only a single factor, among many, in any decision you make relating to on-farm food safety plans and the food safety risks of produce grown on your farm and that such decisions are based on the totality of the circumstances and not solely on results obtained from use of the Tool. FamilyFarmed will not be responsible or liable, directly or indirectly, for any damages or loss caused or alleged to be caused by or in connection with your use of or reliance on the Tool or any information provided on the website.


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